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4 Wheel Laser Alignment in Glasgow

To maintain correct control of your car, you must keep your wheels in proper alignment. If wheels are incorrectly aligned, steering can become heavy, or can drag to one side, your tyres will wear unevenly, and your fuel consumption will increase.

Wheels slowly come out of alignment through general use; this problem can be exacerbated if you park on the curb or if you go over a lot of speed bumps.

Improve your fuel consumption
Just two degrees of misalignment on both front wheels can increase fuel consumption by around 10%. While 11% of all premature tyre removals were due to uneven wear caused by wheel misalignment. It, therefore, pays to have your wheel alignment checked at least once a year and always after a hard impact with kerbs, speed bumps or similar obstructions.

So when you have your car tested for its MOT, why not check the wheel alignment at the same time and save on your petrol bills?