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Bosch Wiper Blades in Glasgow

Free Fitting on all Wipers

If your looking for Wiper blades for your Car, Van or Commercial Vehicle you won't go wrong with Bosch Wiper Blades.

Bosch has the complete range of award-winning wiper blades for Cars and Vans, including upgrade options for some older vehicles, enabling the benefits of Bosch`s latest technology to be applied to older vehicles as well

Why Buy Bosch Wiper Blades

Better performance in cold weather
Bosch wipers are proven to perform better and for longer. Cold temperatures can reduce the flexibility of the rubber and cause juddering as the wiping edge of the blade does not flip back and forth. Bosch's patented technology overcomes this problem.

Better performance throughout the lifespan
Bosch wiper blades continue to work at their optimum performance levels for longer due to the patented technology that goes into the blade.

Bosch Wiper

Perfect wiper performance:
Power Protection Plus optimizes wiper performance throughout the service life of the wiper - without leaving streaks or deposits on the windscreen of the vehicle.

Longer service life:
Power Protection Plus makes the wiper element lip incredibly robust and resistant, as well as increasing its service life. Even extreme weather conditions will have little effect on the material.

Quiet wiper action:
Power Protection Plus reduces the friction of the material to a minimum. For your customers, this means hardly any running noise, no vibrations, no jerking - whether the windscreen is wet or virtually dry.